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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reinstated Online Businesses as of Today 1/16/2014

If you have been following my transition from my career as an educator to "retirement" you already know that I am a proponent of at home online business once someone retires.  If I have been wise I should now have multi-streams of income during retirement with some of them not the dreaded "fixed" income which can erode due to inflation.  

Here is the list of incomes available to me:  Pension, Annuity, Savings (most of which are heavily invested in stocks), Social Security (which we have not started to draw upon), and two online businesses, 1) Weight Loss Coach, 2) Retirement Freedom online tutorial teaching BabyBoomers how to use the internet to build a home based business that grows exponentially over time.  The Retirement Freedom component has morphed into a consulting business as well.    

Now that we have relocated to Idaho to be closer to grandkids, and I am sufficiently recovered from my surgeries, my time has loosened up so I am reinstating my online businesses.  The sordid details including income potential will be shared with my email group so sensitive information is protected.  To join the email group sign up in the box beside this post.  Jeannie and I hope you will join us in this retirement income adventure.     

Monday, January 13, 2014

BabyBoomers Spending Time and Resources on their Motorcycle/Bucket List

What does motorcycling do to us BabyBoomers?  Is it the wind in our hair, if we are fortunate enough to still have some, or the feel of freedom riding swiftly down the highway?  Whatever it is, seems more and more BabyBoomers are buying motorcycles with their discretionary funds, even in cold country like Calgary Alberta.  Click below for a fun article about the trend:  


Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 4 Month Ordeal Going Through 3 Surgeries

I have been a convalescing slug for the past four months.  I have been through three separate surgeries to repair my sinuses, my wrists, and my right elbow Ulnar nerve.  By far the most difficult has been the last surgery on my elbow.  It had been hurting for years but we thought it was arthritis and treated it accordingly.  The meds and an occasional shot were helping but finally the pain was so intense my orthopedic doctor suggested the Ulnar surgery.  

Nerves heal very slowly.  It has been two months since I had the elbow cut open and a badly trapped nerve moved so it could function properly.  I have spent many days flat on my back "recovering" and just recently started to get the enthusiasm back for going through normal daily procedures like shaving and brushing teeth.  Now keep in mind that I was doing this with my non-dominate left hand.  

The pain meds they had me on made my tummy and digestive system rebel.  As you can tell it has been an unwelcome ordeal.  One of the good things from all this is I have lost 35 pounds and had no trouble staying on my diet since my stomach wasn't enjoying most food anyway. 

But alas, I am coming out of it with hope for the future and renewed zeal for my retirement projects.  My creative juices have ignited once again.  I wake up thinking about how I can share what I have been learning since I retire in July 2012 at the ripe young age of 60.  The method I use to share or teach is the wonderful world of social and online business media.  It literally brings people together from all over the world.  Recently one of my blog posts had 240 "hits".  

I will be writing and producing daily for my blogs, podcasts, YouTube Channel, and Pinterest.  All  of the information about how to make money online by monetizing your sites will be copyright protected and available to my email group.  This will provide better cyber-security for all of us.  So if you haven't already done so please sign up for the email group in the box next to this blog post.  Your email address will be secure and never shared.  

I have a new podcast that will only be announced to the email group in the near future.  I'll give you a hint:  I am updating my original podcast entitled "7 Pillars of Retirement Freedom" to include details of how we have done since we left the world of corporate employment.  It was a bit scary but we certainly made the right choice and have grown our nest egg successfully.  Hopefully our experiences will benefit others or at least spawn some creative thinking about your own future possibilities. So sign up and stay tuned.