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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Ready for the Future---Regardless of Age

I have read many of “early retirement” articles (see link below) as recently we made our decision to retire “early” at age 60.  The article I've linked to below was honest and direct about the outlook for BabyBoomers.  Most articles concerned me enough to make the retirement decision troubling, to say the least. Most BabyBoomers are postponing their retirement due to understandable faint-heartedness in the current economic environment.  But here’s the good news:

1) If you are out of debt you are doing very well compared to most BabyBoomers.

2) If you are not out of debt you can make an aggressive plan to get there ASAP.  This is the topic of my next Podcast to be posted on March 1, 2012. 

3) If you can live mortgage free you are in great shape compared to most BabyBoomers.

4) If you have a pension, social security, and inflation proofed savings you are doing better than most BabyBoomers.

5) If your savings are inadequate you can go on a 5 year program to aggressively building your nest egg. This will be the topic of a future post. 

6) You can cut expenses and still live comfortably.

7) You can build a “retirement” career or business to supplement your income. Most BabyBoomers have expertise that can be marketable in the post-recession era which seems to almost be upon us as of February 2012.

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