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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Opening the World of Online Business

My current project is helping friends/followers establish an online business making $2000-$5000 per month as a supplement to their family income. You could make much more if you want to take the time to do so.  

 If you already have an online site my goal is to help dramatically increase traffic to that site.  Since I have been through several internet business training programs I know how they work and and can help you navigate to your best advantage. 

I have a group who are going to take the #1 rated Internet Business training course. It is comprehensive and covers each important step so you can get your website running without having to pay a web-designer  2000 or more to do so. 

Taking this training will cost a fraction of that and as a bonus they have promised me you will get access to their new course coming out in July 2013 with all of its enhancements. They have a 90 day money-back guarantee. It cost $67 per month but I think you should consider the lifetime membership for $497 so you will have continued access to all of their ongoing podcasts and training.  In addition, I will follow along and be available to help you.

By spending a few hours per day using your own creativity, you can build your own business and dramatically increase traffic to your site. Since I have done it at age 60, believe me you can too. You don't even need to have your product determined prior to starting the course. It gives you ideas on how to find your area of marketable expertise.

The next step is for you to sign up for the course by clicking on or copying the following link to your browser:

My proposed starting date is June 15th. It will take about six weeks to learn and implement all the training but you can work at your own pace. Some will speed through the course in a few weeks and others will take longer, depending on time available. You can take as long as you want.   

It will be an extra bonus to have the sharing ideas and questions on a Facebook page I am setting up just for the group. Please go to the link and sign up pronto.  You will hear an introduction podcast by my son Jason and his partner Jeremy.  Its about 25 minutes long. I am excited to start. If you have questions please let me know at my personal email as seen below. 

Ralph VanOrden, vanordenr@gmail.com
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