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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Awoke to the Sweet Savory Smell of Thanksgiving Stuffing

This morning I awoke to the sweet savory smell of Thanksgiving stuffing.  It had floated all through our house and filled every nook and cranny.  There was no hiding from it. The juices of my mouth began to enjoy a sumptuous imaginary, all the trappings, holiday meal.  Wait, its November 12, not Thanksgiving yet.  What’s up?   

I hustle down stairs to the kitchen and discover Jeannie in her element as Chief-Chef of our homestead.  My salivary glands are now in full swing.  She tells me she is preparing some food for the Ward Thanksgiving Dinner tonight at the Alpenglow Chapel. Part of me is disappointed I can’t partake of the feast sooner.  Then I remember, I am on a weight loss plan and shouldn’t be partaking at all.      

I am still on my weight loss eating plan.  I have become accustomed to eating 6 small meals a day and have appreciated the way my body feels when I eat smaller meals.  There is less of the over-full “bloated” feeling.  But since I am a food-grazer, and nibble at everything that is available, the holiday season is a particular challenge. This time of year, there are exotic foods available non-stop in our home.  

I thought I could keep up the weight loss during the “holiday” season.  My goal was to lose 10 lbs in November and then another 10 lbs in December.  So I now have admitted to myself that it was a bit ambitious, therefore it is time to revise my goal.  I have two choices: 
             1)      Try to lose some weight, any weight, during the holidays, even a pound or two will do

2)      Do my very best to not gain weight during the holidays.

I have already lost 41 pounds.  I still have 40 more pounds to lose in order to get to my ultimate goal of 199 pounds.  If I tread water during the holidays, by keeping the current weight loss but not gaining any back, I could consider that a success.  So the super-human goal of losing weight during the holidays is set aside.  But I will be vigilant in weighing myself and working-out to make sure I don’t start to gain. 

Thank you for all you encouragement and feedback. 


  1. Hi, well I am lucky. I don't care to cook and I am not very good at it. So when left to my own devices nobody cooks for me so no temptation here. I haven't had any problem with eating just with not eating. I only got my weight from eating sweets (that I love so much). But compared to giving up smoking this is easy. I think I will make it thru ok. As long as I leave the cookies alone. :-) But your plan seems good to me. I have about 40 left to go also.

  2. Shovel more snow and then you won't have to worry about eating more yummy food :)
    I always think of food as an input=output equation. My husband lost weight and has kept it off but he has to make sure to exercise every day...
    A lot of Thanksgiving foods can be modified to be lower fat if you just make a few changes. Stuffing can actually be lower fat if you don't add sausage....put in more savory herbs, onion, celery and a secret ingredient...black or red wild rice. The rice gives it a very nutty type flavor and you eat a small amount and it makes you feel really full.
    Stick with white meat from the turkey...or if you can't stand that then eat the dark meat...
    I would stay away from gravy...unless you can get your wife to make the McCormick Turkey Gravy which is actually 2g of fat per serving...not bad!
    Eat more protien, veggies, fruits and you will want less stuffing, bread and sweets
    Use honey or jam on bread and stay away from butter.
    My husband loves pumpkin pie but he never eats the crust...he only eats the inside. So it's not too bad fat wise if you do that :)
    Good luck...if you keep up the six meal thing you should be just fine.


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