Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year’s resolutions that Bring Deep Change

Most of us have some aspects of our lives we have attempted to change many times to only be disappointed when it doesn’t happen as we had hoped.  Deep Change is much more dogged than setting a goal.  Once we learn how to apply Deep Change we are empowered to go anywhere we wish. 

The process has some similarities for all of us.  It starts with envisioning ourselves in the future.  It depends heavily on our personal confidence.  How much do we really believe in ourselves?  Deep Change is wrapped up in our own psychological and spiritual moorings.  What morals and standards do we live by?  Is it OK to cheat our neighbor a little bit, or are we committed to being totally honest?  A thousand little things shape our ethics.  It is who we are. 

On occasion life gets too complicated and we give up on the Deep Change concept.  We let life live for us by just trying to get by, one foot in front of the other, a day or even an hour at a time.  But then the creative juices start to flow again, and we feel a desire to do something more with our lives.  

New Year’s resolutions that cause Deep Change can happen.  Deep Change demands new ways of thinking.  It is major in its impact.  It relies on absolute disconnection from a habit of the past.  When done right, it is irreversible.  Deep Change means risk taking and surrendering control.  I sometimes call this jumping off the “faith limb” while hoping we will  land safely.  There are ways of assuring success. 

I try to take time daily to meditate on the day and week ahead.  I find a safe quiet place and relax for a few minutes then go in my mind to a warm deserted beach where worries are far away.  I prayerfully consider my future endeavors. Then I free my mind of stress by a transcendental technique using my own mantra.  That is when I am able to envision what is ahead “outside” of the box so to speak.  I dream big and say to myself, why not.   

I have a Podcast that is 12 minutes long I am posting in a few days that explores Deep Change more. It will be posted first to those who are part of my email group (see box to the right of this post).  The Podcast outlines steps to make Deep Change happen.  I hope it is helpful to those who might be considering “resolutions” for 2012.  I am encouraging all of us to not simply set some goals but to demand Deep Change of ourselves.