Monday, September 9, 2013

Health Issues after 60 can be Time Consuming

My Ears, Nose, and Throat specialist ordered a CT Scan on my sinuses.  Blockage, polyps, and gunk everywhere.  I never really knew we have so many sinus cavities.  Looks like surgery will be necessary if I wish to stop having 3 or more sinus infections every year.  90 minutes to clean out the infected areas and open up drainage passages so I can breath and get rid of that ugly stuff by natural drainage processes.

I am on Immune-Therapy to build up my defenses against the allergies which contribute to the sinus swelling that leads to my chronic-sinusitis problem.  It turns out I am allergic to sage brush, cats, various tree pollens, etc.  Sage Brush covers most of our 3 acre homestead.  Wouldn't ya know...

In the meantime, while waiting for my sinus surgery, my carpal tunnel problem in both my wrists has finally inflamed to the point where the agony made me go to the orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation.  "Classic carpal tunnel" said he.  Surgery this afternoon on both wrists will leave me a bit gimpy for a week or so.  Then a few days later I go in for the sinus surgery.  I figure by mid October I should be golfing again, without sinus agony and wrist pain that certainly accounts for my poor scores of late (tongue in cheek).

Good thing I retired so I have time to go to all the doctors.  Good thing we moved from Alaska where it would have cost us a fortune to do all these surgeries.  Good thing my wife Jeannie doesn't seem to mind helping me through all these challenges.  She is a very patient woman.  So off to my surgery...wish me luck.