Friday, March 29, 2013

Gardening to Save Money---Starting from Scratch

We have always had a garden during our married life, no matter the location.  Even in Fairbanks Alaska (-50 F in winter to 80 during the summer) we had a huge garden with plants that could grow quickly during the non-stop light of summer of Interior Alaska.  We only had 90-120 days to grow our plants from start to harvest.

Now that we are in Idaho enjoying 70 degrees in late March we find ourselves excited about the possibilities for bounteous food production on our three acres.  Yesterday we drove 25 miles to Fruitland Nursery to buy three fruit trees, as well as 25 strawberry plants and 6 raspberry plants.  So our garden has begun to become real.  

We decided to build our grow boxes from pallets we can buy for $2 a piece, since grow box wood can be quite costly.  Copy and paste the following link into your browser for "How-to" instructions for pallet grow boxes     Video of the whole process on our property will follow soon.  
Happy gardening. 


  1. Do you have alkaline soil where you are? If so, has anyone shared that peat moss is a must each year to help with that? It sure works here in Utah. Hope you have a successful garden! Can't wait to get mine going.

  2. Information missing from the link...

    1. Sorry about the link. Looks like you will need to copy and paste directly to your browser to get the instructions.


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