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Saturday, February 22, 2014

NEW POST---Hospital Stay Doesn't Slow Down My Entrepreneurial Spirit

Follow me as I create a 2K/monthly side income on the Internet so I can enjoy more travel and fun in retirement. I'll show you what works 
and what doesn't.  

This past few weeks have been difficult for Jeannie and me. I spent 8 hours in the local hospital Emergency Room. She spent 8 hours sitting in a very uncomfortable chair next to me with a cup of ice cubes to help my dry mouth.  Jeannie never complains, I really don't deserve this angelic woman.  

As many of you know I have been struggling with several chronic health issues.  Last Sunday I became dehydrated due to stomach problems which caused persistent vomiting so I couldn't keep any of my medications down long enough to help my nerve damage in both of my arms.  We think the culprit was an antibiotic prescribed by my E.N.T. doctor for my sinus problems.  I needed shots and IV fluids to get stable.  Being old takes real fortitude. 

After sleeping 19 hours straight once I was home in my king size cozy bed, I started to bounce back. Today I am writing this post and doing other tasks to help my internet-based business grow.   

Tomorrow I go to a medical specialist to have my second nerve-conduction test to see where my ulnar nerves are still constricted so more surgery can be planned, oh what fun lies ahead for my poor body.  This has been going on for years but the surgical repairs started about 5 months ago.  I am an optimist and look forward to better health so I can golf, travel, and work on my computers businesses helping people.  

So even with all these interruptions I have been able to make time for my "2K Retirement Income" projects.  Here's how money has been coming in over the past month:

1) Our stock portfolio has made advances even with the volatility of the past 3 months.  My mom will be 89 years old soon and she has been alone since my father died almost 20 years ago.  She has savings and a nice pension from my fathers 24 year military career. But I never could help her see the usefulness of investing in the stocks and bonds.  So her conservative approach has seen her savings in bank certificates making less interest by far as compared to annual inflation rates. We use an experienced and very bright professional money manager to balance our investment portfolio.  In a year and a half since my retirement it has grown $60,000.  Stocks aren't gambling if you know how to balance a portfolio.  

2) We have taken steps to lower our monthly budget expenses.  We look at every line item and ask, "how can we lower this expense". You'll be surprise how many necessities are really things we can live without or at least with less.

3) I am working on another launch for my weight-loss business "Take Shape for Life" (TSFL).  I have successfully lost 57 pounds as of this morning.  I started at 280 pounds with a goal of getting to 199, so I have 24 more pounds to go.  I am going to reignite on the TSFL nutrition program with the help of my weight-loss coach Doctor Clifton Brady, in a 3 month effort to lose down to 199. 

I am a certified weight-loss coach and will be inviting my friends and followers to join me for this 3 month weight loss  project starting April 1, 2014.  If you have 30 or more pounds to lose you may want to join me.  

The first time I went on a Take-Shape-for-Life nutrition and life-style program I  lost 50 pounds in 3 months.  My plan is to be a coach for 10 people, first come first serve.  It's not really time for the official launch for the weight loss challenge but we'll call this pre-launch so here's the link:                      http://weightlossbyralph.ichooseoptimalhealth.com/ 

For clients the weight loss coach is free.  The nutrition company pays a "commission" to the coaches. With 10 clients at a time I will be making a handsome income as part of my monthly $2000 quest.

4) I am an affiliate with several companies who do most of their business online.  I chose them very carefully through much research and after trying their service for many months.  

For instance I have used Mint.com for several years to track our monthly expenses and investments.  They have proven themselves to be a top-tier and trustworthy company and they don't cost  a penny to us the users.  They get income from advertising related services,  some of which I have used.  If I became an official affiliate  they would pay me a commission when one of my friends/followers sign up for their service.  Here's a link to Mint:  http://bit.ly/1fqT0oF

5) I am a long time affiliate of Internet Business Mastery (IBM) which is one of the most trusted and used programs to grow online business income.  My oldest son is one of the primary partners in IBM.  My opinion is that their program is the most comprehensive and understandable processes for establishing an online money making company.  

6) With 5-10 solid trustworthy online affiliations you can make 2K and more every month.  Once established you can keep your enterprise going with a 3 hour per day effort, even from a hospital bed if necessary, you choose where and when you work as long as you have a computer with you.

So that's my most recent report with details of how I built my online brand/business into a $2000+ monthly windfall.  My link to IBM works now so go sign up with your email address and look around. Here's the link:  http://internetbusinessmastery.com/academy/wp/affiliate-redirect?p=vanordenr&w=ibma 

I am sure you will be impressed. If you have questions let me know because I can probably answer them and if not I have good access to one of the founding principals of IBM, my oldest son Jason. 

Ralph VanOrden
Retirement Freedom Blog