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Friday, December 2, 2011

Taking Charge of Our Destiny

This is not a promotional for my weight loss program.  Read all the way through so you know what it is really about. 

When I started my quest to get healthy by taking back control of my weight, I have to admit, it has became one of the most satisfying things I have done in many years.  I have never been this successful in grasping control of my eating habits and losing weight. 

At first I thought if I get through my normal weight loss threshold of about 25 pounds that would be good.  Then I went blasting beyond that to over 40 pounds off. 

The holidays became a short bump in the road, and quite frankly so did my doctor who thought I was losing too quickly. He was kind of stuck on the old thinking that 2 pounds a week is best.  I have survived those glitches and now I am losing again quickly once more. I average losing 3-5 pound per week. My motivation stays high since I see my body changing.   It has caused me to trust the food program I am on and my exercise routine.  Since over 20,000 doctors have recommended this program, my commitment is high.    

My body feels so much better when I am following my program with exactness.  I have more energy and get so much more done each day.  Weight control and eating right have become my medicine for a continued productive life and my body which will turn 60 this coming summer.  

So my new mantra is going to be “60 is the new 40”  now that I am transitioning from a career that I have enjoyed for almost 35 years into my “retirement” career.  Studies show that most Baby-boomers are simply moving from a lifelong career into another way of helping make ends meet.

The transition time frame can be from a few months long to several years as Baby-boomers strive to get it right.  The current investment climate is so uncertain due to economic and political unrest, but the upcoming election should correct the lack of stability we have endured these past several years.  America will rally once more.

If I was a younger and still raising a family, I would look forward with great expectations for my future.  I would live simply and invest cautiously to provide for my family and future.  I would get as much education as possible.  I would embrace the cyber-culture to make sure I connect with the dominate force in the market place and thereby assure myself and family of a diversity of opportunity. 

When my oldest son quit his secure electrical engineering corporate career to start his own cyber business and writing career, I worried for his future.  That was almost a decade ago, and during a recent visit I learned he is taking steps to take his online business from a successful 7 figure endeavor to 8 figures over the next several years.  That’s right, from a $1,000,000 business into the 10’s of millions. I guess my worries were not well founded. 

So to the younger crowd, “diversify your interests and education”.  Dream big and make it happen.  Believe in yourself and press forward with confidence.  Along the way take good care of your body so productivity stays high. 

Take good care of your family and give them the best time you have available, always.  Don’t let other pursuits get in the way of loving your spouse and children.  Take time daily to be creative.  The best ideas have not yet been made reality.  It takes vision to make the future better than today.  And don’t forget to include an element of spirituality in your regular creative process.  Onward!