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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let Freedom Ring---Losing Sight of Fundamental Founding Principles

Outside of Constitutional issues---the problem with today's Obama appointment is the regulator will slow the process of our economic recovery by slowing the flow of dollars to the credit market. When you regulate business you hurt free enterprise and investment slows, resulting in fewer jobs being created.  We don’t need more of that from the Executive Office of the US.  When Government messes with business, they do damage.  We don’t need an overpowering executive trying to play momma to the whole country. A community organizer can’t do that for 320,000,000 people.  The people of the US are smarter than that and can take care of themselves.  This is simply another money grab by Obama.  Take the hybrid Volt for instance.  Each one of those has cost US tax payers over $400,000 thus far.  It’s obvious the government shouldn’t own the car manufacturing companies.  What we need is for Obama and big government to get off our backs and stop the socialistic money-mongering. Let freedom ring.