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Monday, March 18, 2013

How to PODCAST Made "Easy"

create my podcasts with "audacity" software downloadable for free at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/.  I purchased a better microphone for my computer from Logitech, but the built-in microphone on most computers should work. 

You will need to experiment with audacity to learn how to record and edit but it really isn’t too terribly difficult, even though it looks a bit intimidating.  Once the audio file is complete and edited in audacity, turn it into an mp3.   

Now it’s time to publish your podcast at libsyn.com. Libsyn is a subscription site but not too expensive for us small time podcasters.  

Here are the steps to follow once you are at libsyn.com.
1)      Login with your email address and password. 

2)      Click on PUBLISH at the top of the screen.  The icon looks like the lower case letter i or a man without arms.

3)      Type in a title and a description of your podcast. 

4)      Click on HARDDRIVE.  The icon looks like a harddrive or disk player.

5)      Find the mp3 file on your computer and click it into the “File name:” box.

6)      Click “OPEN”.  Your file name will appear under “Master File” on the Libsyn screen below where you clicked HARDDRIVE previously.

7)      Scroll down and click “PUBLISH” in the green box.   

8)      You will see the progress of the upload at the top of the Libsyn screen with percentages till you hit 100%. 

9)      The URL you will need to use so your audience can link to your new podcast will appear under “Direct Download URLs”. 

10)   Copy the URL and paste it in Facebook, Twitter, Blog, emails or wherever you are accessing your audience.

11)   You are now a podcaster. 

12)   If you need help check the tutorials or let me know and I will answer your questions.   

Send me a link so I can listen to your first podcast.  

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 Happy Podcasting...