Friday, September 20, 2013

BabyBoomers Finding Good Jobs After Retirement

Sometimes BabyBoomers get bored with retirement.  I have to admit I have frequented employment websites for the Boise area. Occasionally I have been tempted to send in a resume for positions that would give me a fun challenge, like City Manager for McCall Idaho, or CEO of YMCI in southwestern Idaho. Yep, big bucks in both cases.  But I am pretty picky about what I want if I do go back to work.  Our first year of retirement has bust with our own health challenges and family needs.  Things are settling down so my anxious-to-do-something thoughts are starting to dream.   

We are not wealthy but we are comfortable in retirement.  Going back to work would only be for a few years doing something that would give me a project to get my teeth into.  I am sure Jeannie wouldn't mind me being off her home turf a bit more often.  Other reasons BabyBoomers consider going back after retirement are as numerous as the retirees.  Here are a few reasons:

1) need the money
2) depression sets in after retirement and getting a new purpose helps alleviate the pain of feeling unneeded
3) marraige suffers because of too much time together
4) need better health benefits
5) being productive is still a personal necessity 

The link below is to an article about a job fair for BabyBoomers.  It gives interesting insights to a new trend.  It appears there is great value for employers from experienced BabyBoomers.  Score one for our generation.