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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retirement Brings an Increased Awarness of Health Needs and Worries about Obamacare

I haven't been able to write for some time.  My right arm has been "disabled" due to Ulnar nerve damage that required surgery.  That took place 6 days ago on November 15.  Turns out my Ulnar nerve was badly pinched.  My doctor was able to "release" the nerve without having to relocate it. 

Currently, I am in a soft cast that immobilizes  my right elbow while the incision heals.  The pain will subside as time passes and the Ulnar nerve heals now that it is no longer compressed at the elbow joint.  The pain is bad, but I am on the path toward healing.   

If I had not retired and moved from Alaska to a more reasonable health-costs area we would have been spending way too much on getting my body up to snuff so we can enjoy retirement.  We have saved $1000's simply by being able to use network providers for all of our aliments. 

 I can't swing a golf club right now so I go with my wife Jeannie as a spectator/coach.  She prefers the spectator more than the coach but is getting used to constant scrutiny as she makes her way around the course.  I have to say she has made three years progress in one years time.  Her golf game is becoming quite savvy.  We really enjoy getting out on the course in the fresh air.

In the past few months I have been through three surgeries.  Even though it has been a real ordeal for my body, it has all been essential for future quality of life.  Thus far Obamacare has not impacted our health care decisions.  However, I am a bit worried about potential increases in premiums.  I also worry about the possibility that fewer providers will be available to us on our network.  My final concern is how we will be impacted when we go on Medicare in a few years. 

From what I am hearing, it has been hard to find any part of the U.S. population that has been benefited by Obamacare.  My hope is that our elected officials can make necessary changes to the law so we can rest assured we will be able to access and afford the care we need during our golden years.