Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Ready for the Future---Regardless of Age

I have read many of “early retirement” articles (see link below) as recently we made our decision to retire “early” at age 60.  The article I've linked to below was honest and direct about the outlook for BabyBoomers.  Most articles concerned me enough to make the retirement decision troubling, to say the least. Most BabyBoomers are postponing their retirement due to understandable faint-heartedness in the current economic environment.  But here’s the good news:

1) If you are out of debt you are doing very well compared to most BabyBoomers.

2) If you are not out of debt you can make an aggressive plan to get there ASAP.  This is the topic of my next Podcast to be posted on March 1, 2012. 

3) If you can live mortgage free you are in great shape compared to most BabyBoomers.

4) If you have a pension, social security, and inflation proofed savings you are doing better than most BabyBoomers.

5) If your savings are inadequate you can go on a 5 year program to aggressively building your nest egg. This will be the topic of a future post. 

6) You can cut expenses and still live comfortably.

7) You can build a “retirement” career or business to supplement your income. Most BabyBoomers have expertise that can be marketable in the post-recession era which seems to almost be upon us as of February 2012.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Podcast Series Launched Soon

I have completed an outline for a Podcast Series I am currently preparing. The first in the series will be available in March 2012 and then at a rate of 2 per month if all goes well.

The research I have been doing is producing some important insights about key issues for those who wish to live a Provident/Production Lifestyle.  Here's a quick taste of the principles:

1) How to get Out of Debt and Stay there forever

2) How to Get Mortgage Free Sooner than you thought possible

3) How to Safely Inflation-Proof your Nest Egg for the Future

4) How to Build a Phenomenal Nest-Egg is only 5 Years

5) How to Build a Stay-at-Home Online Business that Provides Fantastic Residual Income

6) How to Engage a Production Lifestyle without costing you an Arm & Leg

7) Energy Independence without Overwhelming Costs and Maintenance Nightmares

Only those who are part of this private and secure email group will get access to these Podcasts.  Facebook is just to public and not sufficiently secure.  If you would benefit from this series, you can go to my Blog at and sign up for my private and secure email group.

This series will work well for BabyBoomers but the younger generation should be thinking about these things now as well.   

 Become a part of this growing group of likeminded people now.

Ralph VanOrden---Retirement Freedom Blog

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Thing we can do to Help Ourselves Toward a Successful Retirement

Click on the link below for a great article about how to protect yourself in the Investment Market. I am covinced it is an important part of any retirement strategy to have a good Investment portfolio. It’s not the whole picture but could be part of a successful early retirement. We have a professional investment counselor who manages our savings since I tend toward being too aggressive with my risk management.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update---A Great Way to Supplement Income and Stay at Home

There are several ways to improve “income” during retirement.  You can lower expenses or get a “job” and make some more money.  Most BabyBoomers are very innovative when it comes to these options.  Though some are happy to do some non-stress entry level position, one of the things many wish to avoid is being tied down to a regular 9-5pm job that takes up all their time to enjoy retirement.

I am currently sending resumes to educational institutions in the Boise area to see what might be available in my field of expertise.  If hired, it appears I could make almost as much as I currently do with cost-of-living adjustments after 33 years with the same educational organization.  However, I still have the haunting worry that I may not like being tied down the same as in the past.  Jeannie would go traveling to visit our family without me, yike!  Not what I envisioned. 

So I have been learning about the world of owning your own business with the intent of being able to control my time commitments.  For some time I have enjoyed helping people as a weight-loss coach.  It is an awesome way to help others and make a few extra dollars.  But the big money in this kind of career is in Multi-Level Marketing, which has never appealed to me.  I am helping a few friends with weight-loss and backing away from the business gradually.  It is a very useful enterprise for those who enjoy MLM.

I am fortunate to have access to Internet Business Mastery tutorials since my son owns that business.  His Online Business has helps 1000’s of people by helping them learn the intricacies of doing business online.  Many have successfully left their corporate positions to run their own enterprise. The real long-term success of online business takes two things; 1) a good self made product, and 2) understanding how to navigate the online world.  Thus far the BabyBoomer generation is still busy finishing up traditional careers.  BabyBoomers haven’t been the meat and potatoes of my sons business.  They are just now getting to where they trust online commerce. 

So I propose to my son that I learn the ropes of Online Business and reach out to help the BabyBoomers who wish to explore the world of owning their own online business based on their own product.  He liked the idea and is coaching me along the way.  It is slower than most who embrace the cyber-world, since it doesn’t come as second nature for BabyBoomers like the current younger generation.  But I have to say it is fun and challenging, exactly what I need to keep my interest and loyalty. 

My Blog is approaching 7000 page views.  My website has been abysmal, but is going through a redesign and rebirth. My Facebook account has over 2600 friends.  If I never do monetize my online persona, I am still able to enjoy being an “opinion” leader or perhaps some would say opinunated.  I get a lot of diverse response to my posts.  It is a engaging medium.  I have decided to focus my attention on two projects. 

1)      Finishing my weight-loss eBook.  I hope it helps some to find the assistance they need to lose weight and regain their health.     

2)      Developing an online course to help BabyBoomers who wish to have a simplified approach to learning how to embrace the internet as opinion'ated' leaders and/or monetized business owners.  It will include all the details of how to safely and consistently build an online business. 

I am going to be moving most of the instruction away from Facebook to my email group in order to provide better security.  If you are interested in coming along on this journey and learning more about online business, please join my email group by signing in at the box to the left of this post.  I look forward to any interaction you are willing to give so I can tailor my course to be as helpful as possible. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to my Blog---With Big News---atleast for us, its BIG

I have taken a break from writing for my Freedom Blog.  After over 6000 page views I hit a wall due to our cold dark winter, but a much needed vacation to sun-country helped me recover.  I am back to exercising and eating right so things are looking up.  It never fails to amaze me how eating right can improve outlook.  It is as though our food is our medicine.  Oh well, I digress.

My wife Jeannie left a week ago to go help with the arrival of our 6th grandchild to our oldest son Jason and his wife Melanie.  All has gone very well and bonding is in full swing in Portland Oregon.  I am jealous of Jeannie getting to be there but happy for her too.  Little baby CeCe VO is oh so cute and very calm.  Yay for calm babies.

So here is the next biggest news in our lives.  After 33+ years of teaching for the LDS Church Educational System I am going to retire as of July 31st 2012.  I am going to live what I preach and retire before I get too old to enjoy it.

We will be selling our home and moving to Boise Idaho to accomplish several of my pillars of retirement freedom.  1) Lower our cost of living dramatically.  2) Improve our health care options.  3)  Get closer to family and grandchildren.  Ever since Jeannie suffered through cancer in 2007 I have wished to move her closer to grandchildren, now that will be checked off my bucket list.  4) Getting a home without a mortgage will happen much quicker in Boise area where real estate has taken a huge loss in recent years.  We can buy a nice retirement home on acreage in Boise for about 60% of what it would cost in Alaska. 5) Property taxes are much lower in Idaho.  Boise will put us within a few miles of family and a 6 hour drive of others of our children and also my aging mother who will be 87 this May. 6) Improved access to sunny days seems to be getting more important as I get old. 

Some of you know that I had toyed with running for Alaska State political office in the newly aligned District 26. I have determined there are good candidates already running so I decided to pass on that ambitious goal.  The Eagle River District will be well cared for.

We have spent 19 years of my career in Alaska.  It has been so good to live in a wild and beautiful place.  Our friends have been superb.  Our opportunities to serve have been exciting and challenging.  I was stretched beyond what I thought I had to give.  Alaska has been very good to the VanOrdens.  We will soak every last bit of good out of our opportunity to enjoy 6 more months in this beautiful place. We will enjoy one more trip down the Alaska Highway, but this time in our comfortable motorhome rather than the $300 VW Bus we drove up the highway in 1976.  All together we will have a total of seven trips over the Alcan during our time as Alaskans. 

I can see that my online communications will become even more important to me as we relocate.  I hope to be able to stay in touch with each of you as you see fit. Thank you for your good influence on our lives.