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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to make $1,000,000 with $300 a Month

This one is for my younger readers ages 18 – 45, and perhaps a few parents who may wish to forward this to their children.  But it also has worked for retired people who started this program when they retired. They have such a nice nest-egg to leave as an inheritance for family.  They have lived well in retirement, not laviously but well.  This always works. 

Here it is: 

Start saving $300 per month as soon as you have a job where your employer will match your savings into a tax deferred retirement fund with at least 66% of your dollar amount, so you have a total $500 per month going into savings.  You can do this, $300 is just not that tough.  If self employed save $500 per month of your own income.  If you are retiring it will take about $450 per month.  You'll never notice it's gone, and it will just keep growing. 

So $500 per month for 30 years at an average of 10% growth rate per year, which a good financial consultant should make you. 

Result: if you start at 18 years old, you end up with $1,130,000 saved by the time you are 48 years old.  You are a millionaire and can retire early if you wish.  So start saving as soon as you can and leave the money alone for your retirement nest egg. Inflation-proof the fund by withdrawing only 4% per year which allows it continued growth.   

If you are retired you will leave a million for whoever you so choose.  What a great surprise for the kids and grandkids. 

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