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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alaskans Stay Friends Forever

 It took 7 days averaging 400 miles a day.  We flew into Anchorage  early May 22 and were on the road by 1PM that day. 

We apologize to our friends in Alaska for not being able to visit this time around but do hope you will stop by our homestead if you ever pass through Boise.  Message me for details on how to find us.

 We've been running into many former Alaskans in our neck of the woods and just may need to start an annual reunion picnic. One of my good friends from 30 years ago when I was a Bishop in North Pole Alaska called the other day. He’s 87 years old and an ordinance worker in the Boise Temple. He lives alone on an acre in Caldwell since his wife passed a few years ago so we’ll check in on him once in awhile.  Alaskans stay friends forever.      

This time down the highway was our best ever.  The scenery was spectacular.  Mountains, wildlife, unending forests, rivers to die for, Laird Hot Springs, Jasper, Banff, and Northern Idaho.  Because it was early spring, the bugs weren't bad.  

As I drove, Jeannie would read to me, tell me stories from books she had read, play music from her IPad wired to our speakers, or we would talk about 39 years together.  It was a fun trip but surely a long one at 2800 miles.
This Grizzly hung around for about 10 minutes as we sat in the middle of the road in our cozy motorhome cockpit behind a huge windshield  taking pics.  And we behaved by not feeding the wildlife.   
Words cant say how awesome this animal encounter was. 

Middle or Nowhere???

Watch out for buffalo and their new born babies on the road.
Home Away from Home

Jeannie and Kluane Lake