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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reinstated Online Businesses as of Today 1/16/2014

If you have been following my transition from my career as an educator to "retirement" you already know that I am a proponent of at home online business once someone retires.  If I have been wise I should now have multi-streams of income during retirement with some of them not the dreaded "fixed" income which can erode due to inflation.  

Here is the list of incomes available to me:  Pension, Annuity, Savings (most of which are heavily invested in stocks), Social Security (which we have not started to draw upon), and two online businesses, 1) Weight Loss Coach, 2) Retirement Freedom online tutorial teaching BabyBoomers how to use the internet to build a home based business that grows exponentially over time.  The Retirement Freedom component has morphed into a consulting business as well.    

Now that we have relocated to Idaho to be closer to grandkids, and I am sufficiently recovered from my surgeries, my time has loosened up so I am reinstating my online businesses.  The sordid details including income potential will be shared with my email group so sensitive information is protected.  To join the email group sign up in the box beside this post.  Jeannie and I hope you will join us in this retirement income adventure.     

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