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Monday, June 23, 2014

My Internet Brand just keeps on Growing, though I have been absent for 4 months---Here's the gory detail---Read on...

We retired two years ago and moved from our beloved Alaska to be closer to some of our grandkids in Idaho.  Oh how we miss our Alaskan adventures and friends, but not the winters mind you.  I spent 20 years of my career as an educational administrator wandering all over Alaska.  I've been privileged to go to all of the cities of Alaska, most of her towns, as well as many of her villages.  I absolutely loved the people I met, many of whom will always be cherished friends.

We drove our motorhome and one of the largest rentable U-Haul trucks down the Alaskan Highway in August 2012 which likely will be the last Alcan sojourn for us.  My arms and hands we in such great agony trying to steer that  U-haul on rough roads.  We already knew I had  carpel tunnel  nerve problems in both wrists and thought that was causing my pain.  It turns out there were other nerve problems beginning to rear their ugly heads.

What I have  is a severe case of  Neuropathy in my arms and legs.  Nerve pain is horrendous and extremely debilitating.   Some days I spent most of the day in bed, trying to find a position that lowers some of the pain.  I have never been so sick in my entire life.   

This past few years have been a cacophony of doctors voices trying to help alleviate my pain.  Some of the medication I've used has done collateral damage to my esophagus and to my intestines.   I have been on some of the narcotics for so long I now have a "Pain Management" doctor  who specializes in cases like mine.  

At some point he will help me wean from Methadone and Hydrocodone,  the "controlled substances" I've been relying on to keep my pain level low enough so I can get out of bed and take care of most of my own health and life needs.  I even go with Jeannie to ride in the golf cart and provide some coaching tips.  She is becoming a pretty good golfer.               

The past four months have been dominated by these health problems.  But I have been making some progress since my last surgery to repair the Ulnar nerve in my right palm. The best hand surgeon in Boise did my surgery.    

So today I finally opened my blog on my desk top computer and was overwhelmed when I discovered daily hits at a pace never previously attained.  And this without any attention from me.  That's the magic of Entrepreneurial Internet Marketing of your own brand.  When it takes on a life of its own then the pivotal point has arrived.   Turning it into a lucrative enterprise is upon me. I am not 100% but well enough to work at my online  enterprises.  Stay tuned in for a more regular reporting of my online progress toward an extra $2000 income every  month.   

Saturday, February 22, 2014

NEW POST---Hospital Stay Doesn't Slow Down My Entrepreneurial Spirit

Follow me as I create a 2K/monthly side income on the Internet so I can enjoy more travel and fun in retirement. I'll show you what works 
and what doesn't.  

This past few weeks have been difficult for Jeannie and me. I spent 8 hours in the local hospital Emergency Room. She spent 8 hours sitting in a very uncomfortable chair next to me with a cup of ice cubes to help my dry mouth.  Jeannie never complains, I really don't deserve this angelic woman.  

As many of you know I have been struggling with several chronic health issues.  Last Sunday I became dehydrated due to stomach problems which caused persistent vomiting so I couldn't keep any of my medications down long enough to help my nerve damage in both of my arms.  We think the culprit was an antibiotic prescribed by my E.N.T. doctor for my sinus problems.  I needed shots and IV fluids to get stable.  Being old takes real fortitude. 

After sleeping 19 hours straight once I was home in my king size cozy bed, I started to bounce back. Today I am writing this post and doing other tasks to help my internet-based business grow.   

Tomorrow I go to a medical specialist to have my second nerve-conduction test to see where my ulnar nerves are still constricted so more surgery can be planned, oh what fun lies ahead for my poor body.  This has been going on for years but the surgical repairs started about 5 months ago.  I am an optimist and look forward to better health so I can golf, travel, and work on my computers businesses helping people.  

So even with all these interruptions I have been able to make time for my "2K Retirement Income" projects.  Here's how money has been coming in over the past month:

1) Our stock portfolio has made advances even with the volatility of the past 3 months.  My mom will be 89 years old soon and she has been alone since my father died almost 20 years ago.  She has savings and a nice pension from my fathers 24 year military career. But I never could help her see the usefulness of investing in the stocks and bonds.  So her conservative approach has seen her savings in bank certificates making less interest by far as compared to annual inflation rates. We use an experienced and very bright professional money manager to balance our investment portfolio.  In a year and a half since my retirement it has grown $60,000.  Stocks aren't gambling if you know how to balance a portfolio.  

2) We have taken steps to lower our monthly budget expenses.  We look at every line item and ask, "how can we lower this expense". You'll be surprise how many necessities are really things we can live without or at least with less.

3) I am working on another launch for my weight-loss business "Take Shape for Life" (TSFL).  I have successfully lost 57 pounds as of this morning.  I started at 280 pounds with a goal of getting to 199, so I have 24 more pounds to go.  I am going to reignite on the TSFL nutrition program with the help of my weight-loss coach Doctor Clifton Brady, in a 3 month effort to lose down to 199. 

I am a certified weight-loss coach and will be inviting my friends and followers to join me for this 3 month weight loss  project starting April 1, 2014.  If you have 30 or more pounds to lose you may want to join me.  

The first time I went on a Take-Shape-for-Life nutrition and life-style program I  lost 50 pounds in 3 months.  My plan is to be a coach for 10 people, first come first serve.  It's not really time for the official launch for the weight loss challenge but we'll call this pre-launch so here's the link:                      http://weightlossbyralph.ichooseoptimalhealth.com/ 

For clients the weight loss coach is free.  The nutrition company pays a "commission" to the coaches. With 10 clients at a time I will be making a handsome income as part of my monthly $2000 quest.

4) I am an affiliate with several companies who do most of their business online.  I chose them very carefully through much research and after trying their service for many months.  

For instance I have used Mint.com for several years to track our monthly expenses and investments.  They have proven themselves to be a top-tier and trustworthy company and they don't cost  a penny to us the users.  They get income from advertising related services,  some of which I have used.  If I became an official affiliate  they would pay me a commission when one of my friends/followers sign up for their service.  Here's a link to Mint:  http://bit.ly/1fqT0oF

5) I am a long time affiliate of Internet Business Mastery (IBM) which is one of the most trusted and used programs to grow online business income.  My oldest son is one of the primary partners in IBM.  My opinion is that their program is the most comprehensive and understandable processes for establishing an online money making company.  

6) With 5-10 solid trustworthy online affiliations you can make 2K and more every month.  Once established you can keep your enterprise going with a 3 hour per day effort, even from a hospital bed if necessary, you choose where and when you work as long as you have a computer with you.

So that's my most recent report with details of how I built my online brand/business into a $2000+ monthly windfall.  My link to IBM works now so go sign up with your email address and look around. Here's the link:  http://internetbusinessmastery.com/academy/wp/affiliate-redirect?p=vanordenr&w=ibma 

I am sure you will be impressed. If you have questions let me know because I can probably answer them and if not I have good access to one of the founding principals of IBM, my oldest son Jason. 

Ralph VanOrden
Retirement Freedom Blog                             

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reinstated Online Businesses as of Today 1/16/2014

If you have been following my transition from my career as an educator to "retirement" you already know that I am a proponent of at home online business once someone retires.  If I have been wise I should now have multi-streams of income during retirement with some of them not the dreaded "fixed" income which can erode due to inflation.  

Here is the list of incomes available to me:  Pension, Annuity, Savings (most of which are heavily invested in stocks), Social Security (which we have not started to draw upon), and two online businesses, 1) Weight Loss Coach, 2) Retirement Freedom online tutorial teaching BabyBoomers how to use the internet to build a home based business that grows exponentially over time.  The Retirement Freedom component has morphed into a consulting business as well.    

Now that we have relocated to Idaho to be closer to grandkids, and I am sufficiently recovered from my surgeries, my time has loosened up so I am reinstating my online businesses.  The sordid details including income potential will be shared with my email group so sensitive information is protected.  To join the email group sign up in the box beside this post.  Jeannie and I hope you will join us in this retirement income adventure.     

Monday, January 13, 2014

BabyBoomers Spending Time and Resources on their Motorcycle/Bucket List

What does motorcycling do to us BabyBoomers?  Is it the wind in our hair, if we are fortunate enough to still have some, or the feel of freedom riding swiftly down the highway?  Whatever it is, seems more and more BabyBoomers are buying motorcycles with their discretionary funds, even in cold country like Calgary Alberta.  Click below for a fun article about the trend:  


Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 4 Month Ordeal Going Through 3 Surgeries

I have been a convalescing slug for the past four months.  I have been through three separate surgeries to repair my sinuses, my wrists, and my right elbow Ulnar nerve.  By far the most difficult has been the last surgery on my elbow.  It had been hurting for years but we thought it was arthritis and treated it accordingly.  The meds and an occasional shot were helping but finally the pain was so intense my orthopedic doctor suggested the Ulnar surgery.  

Nerves heal very slowly.  It has been two months since I had the elbow cut open and a badly trapped nerve moved so it could function properly.  I have spent many days flat on my back "recovering" and just recently started to get the enthusiasm back for going through normal daily procedures like shaving and brushing teeth.  Now keep in mind that I was doing this with my non-dominate left hand.  

The pain meds they had me on made my tummy and digestive system rebel.  As you can tell it has been an unwelcome ordeal.  One of the good things from all this is I have lost 35 pounds and had no trouble staying on my diet since my stomach wasn't enjoying most food anyway. 

But alas, I am coming out of it with hope for the future and renewed zeal for my retirement projects.  My creative juices have ignited once again.  I wake up thinking about how I can share what I have been learning since I retire in July 2012 at the ripe young age of 60.  The method I use to share or teach is the wonderful world of social and online business media.  It literally brings people together from all over the world.  Recently one of my blog posts had 240 "hits".  

I will be writing and producing daily for my blogs, podcasts, YouTube Channel, and Pinterest.  All  of the information about how to make money online by monetizing your sites will be copyright protected and available to my email group.  This will provide better cyber-security for all of us.  So if you haven't already done so please sign up for the email group in the box next to this blog post.  Your email address will be secure and never shared.  

I have a new podcast that will only be announced to the email group in the near future.  I'll give you a hint:  I am updating my original podcast entitled "7 Pillars of Retirement Freedom" to include details of how we have done since we left the world of corporate employment.  It was a bit scary but we certainly made the right choice and have grown our nest egg successfully.  Hopefully our experiences will benefit others or at least spawn some creative thinking about your own future possibilities. So sign up and stay tuned.               

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 --- VanOrden FAMILY FUN

We were able to be together with 4 of our 5 adult children for Christmas.  Our daughter Heather and her husband Miguel are stationed back East near Wilmington North Carolina. Skype helped us feel close to them for about an hour on Christmas afternoon.   The wonders of technology making the world smaller all the time. 

In the picture below from left to right are: Dan, Mike, Amara, Jeannie, me, Jason.  We are so blessed to have wonderful children and proud of the good they are accomplishing in their lives.  We hope the new year will bring many opportunities and successes for all of our friends and extended family.  Onward to 2014...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retirement Brings an Increased Awarness of Health Needs and Worries about Obamacare

I haven't been able to write for some time.  My right arm has been "disabled" due to Ulnar nerve damage that required surgery.  That took place 6 days ago on November 15.  Turns out my Ulnar nerve was badly pinched.  My doctor was able to "release" the nerve without having to relocate it. 

Currently, I am in a soft cast that immobilizes  my right elbow while the incision heals.  The pain will subside as time passes and the Ulnar nerve heals now that it is no longer compressed at the elbow joint.  The pain is bad, but I am on the path toward healing.   

If I had not retired and moved from Alaska to a more reasonable health-costs area we would have been spending way too much on getting my body up to snuff so we can enjoy retirement.  We have saved $1000's simply by being able to use network providers for all of our aliments. 

 I can't swing a golf club right now so I go with my wife Jeannie as a spectator/coach.  She prefers the spectator more than the coach but is getting used to constant scrutiny as she makes her way around the course.  I have to say she has made three years progress in one years time.  Her golf game is becoming quite savvy.  We really enjoy getting out on the course in the fresh air.

In the past few months I have been through three surgeries.  Even though it has been a real ordeal for my body, it has all been essential for future quality of life.  Thus far Obamacare has not impacted our health care decisions.  However, I am a bit worried about potential increases in premiums.  I also worry about the possibility that fewer providers will be available to us on our network.  My final concern is how we will be impacted when we go on Medicare in a few years. 

From what I am hearing, it has been hard to find any part of the U.S. population that has been benefited by Obamacare.  My hope is that our elected officials can make necessary changes to the law so we can rest assured we will be able to access and afford the care we need during our golden years.                  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

BabyBoomers as Entrepreneurial Wizards --- A Generation that Knows how to Think for Themselves

BabyBoomers make pretty dang good Entrepreneurial Wizards --- A Generation that knows how to think for themselves, has the money needed, and the nerve to step out and take action.  Click below for more:

Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Boomers Worry About Health Insurance in Retirement

The link is to a good article about issues Baby Boomers are thinking about as they prepare for retirement and some interesting statistics about how they wish to have their healthcare during their senior years.  This is a good article for the children of baby boomers to read so they know what their parents may wish and need.  Click below: 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

THE SWEET SCENT OF WELLBEING: Coconut-Lime by Jeannie Snow VanOrden

I have reached an important six year anniversary.   Oddly, I was reminded of this vital milestone while cleaning out the guest bathroom. The bathroom needed to be cleaned in preparation for our next visitors scheduled to arrive sometime in November. My daughter, having left for graduate school at Appalachian State University, abandoned a number of bottles of lotion, body wash, conditioner, and shampoo.  Some bottles I just tossed others I sniffed to see if they were worth keeping for my own use. 

There it was a near empty bottle of Coconut-Lime Shampoo.  The scent struck me with a vivid array of sensations and images.  I realized that it has been six years since I finished cancer treatment and a series of biopsies showed that the tumor was gone.  My youngest sister’s gift to me just as I was starting cancer treatment in the summer of 2007 was a set of bathing products including Coconut-Lime Shampoo from Bath and Body Works.

Because I would not be able to get adequate treatment for my particular brand of cancer in Anchorage, Alaska I had to leave behind my home and family so I could be treated at Huntsman Cancer Center.  During that summer my husband and children pampered me and worried over me. My two older sisters housed me, cared for me, and watched over me as I endured chemotherapy and radiation treatment for a tumor in my tongue (a saliva gland gone wrong.)   

Daily I was bathed in coconut-lime.  It is remarkable how powerfully a scent can infuse and even give more significance to our memories.  The scent of coconut-lime brings to mind the loving care I experienced from so many people and the relief I felt over the next six years as I gradually recovered from the devastating side-effects of radiation.

Cancer treatment was wretched. But mostly I don’t think of the awful times at all.  I catch a whiff of coconut-lime and I feel a sense of wellbeing that comes from being carried along by powers above and beyond me. I’m also reminded of the importance of gently and aggressively caring for myself so that I can have the energy and wellness to enjoy life and help others enjoy life.  

This is a crucial reminder for the “retirement” phase of life.   I have been an active person: dancing, hiking, water-skiing, yoga, biking, boating, golfing and more.  I want to keep being active well into my old age, to stay as young as possible for as long as possible, able to enjoy activities of all kinds with my children and grandchildren.  However, I have realized in the last couple of years that I have a stubborn resistance to getting to the doctor in a timely manner.  With health issues great and small this can easily lead to crippling or even life threatening problems

In the spring of 2012, I had a two month bout of bronchitis that I neglected until it became pneumonia.  I finally got to the doctor and was treated with antibiotics but it was too late.  Within a week the pneumonia exploded in my lung.  I ended up in the hospital with a high temperature, racing pulse, crushing pain in my chest and sepsis; all because I was just too busy to take time to get to the doctor early on.

We don’t need to be hypochondriacs but we do need to take better care of ourselves.  We all eat too much, move to little, and wait too long to take care of symptoms that would be much easier taken care of early.  Thank goodness I didn’t do that with cancer, if I had, I would be dead.

Many of you may have followed my husband’s experience with carpal tunnel surgery.  It is a condition that is pretty common. I don’t know when exactly the right time for any one individual to have carpal tunnel surgery is, but I do know that once it starts eroding your quality of life it is not going to get any better without serious treatment.   Interestingly, Ralph has now found that he has a pinched ulnar nerve in his right arm and this very likely could not have been discovered without first resolving the carpal tunnel problems. 

Much of this first year of retirement has been spent addressing a number of health issues that have been a drag on our quality of life.  I am so grateful for the excellent healthcare professionals we’ve found who have compassionately and aggressively addressed our needs.  I’ve also learned to be more articulate and assertive when discussing my health issues.   In the long run prevention, early treatment, and good communication with our healthcare providers reduces our suffering and saves us money.   

There is nothing noble about suffering unnecessarily or stubbornly avoiding doctor visits. 
I’m going to restock my supply of Coconut-Lime bath products to be a sweet and vivid reminder of how good it feels to take care of myself, to be cared for, and to care for those around me.   Whatever inspires a sense of wellbeing for you, get it, and get as well as you possibly can as soon as you can.  It will make you and everyone around you happier.