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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New house brings New Experiences as we Learn to Live in our “Mountain” Home

A  beautiful brilliantly multi-colored Pheasant sauntered down our sloped driveway yesterday morning while I was working on my computer looking out two large side-by-side windows toward the peak of our mountainside.  We can’t hunt in our hillside subdivision so I called for Jeannie to get her camera to get a picture of this magnificent bird.  We see Quail all the time on our property, but this was our first Pheasant sighting. 

Jeannie rushed outside as the bird moved alongside our home to the north. But it had gone down into a ravine to the thick mountain brush out of view.  We didn’t get a picture this time but we’ll keep trying.  The sheer size of the bird was impressive.  I haven’t hunted Pheasant since I was a teenager in Illinois.  I am dreaming of Pheasant on the table for Thanksgiving this year.

Here is a stock photo of what the bird looked like: 

Idaho is a different kind of beautiful from our previous home in Alaska.  Much dryer and definitely not as green as Alaska.  There are tradeoffs when you relocate. 

We enjoy hot days and blue sky most of the time.  The Payette River and numerous irrigation canals are filled to the brim with flowing water bringing life to this arid valley. 

Every sunset over the distant hills has been mezmorizing.  Once the sun is gone we open the windows to cool off the house and give the air-conditioner a break, with refreshing evening mountain breezes.

We have three acres to tame.  I want more grass around the house as a snake barrier, as well as large grow boxes for our garden.  Jeannie is already deciding what fruit trees she wants palnted.  Every day is filled with plenty of activity.  I'm not out to be a gentleman farmer but rather a productive organic food producer so we can save money and eat healthy.