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Monday, May 20, 2013

Lessons Learned from My Online Community

Here's the latest on how my online community is progressing.  This past week I launched my first group-learning-invitation.  In it I promised to help coach 10 people to establish their online businesses.  All told I sent out internet invitations to about 3500 people total.  I have Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Email friends. 

Here’s what I learned from that launch:  

Lesson #1---My feelings are a bit too tender when it comes to my friends/followers, because of all those invites I had only one complaint that it was spam, and one comment that it was too forward, and still I felt bad they felt negative about my post, thus the life of an online entrepreneur.  My advice that you have to develop a tough skin came home to roost.

Lesson #2---You have to do three things to help people take a bold step moving forward toward their goals:  you need an audience, you have to make an offer, and you challenge them to take action.  Here’s how I stated my invite. 

One of my Son's online subscribers recently made $50,000 in one month, that’s right not $5000 but $50,000, on the internet. I think you should take a look and then consider joining these online entrepreneurs. I have promised the first 10 who sign up through the link below that I will be their personal consultant and provide an exclusive Facebook page for exchanging ideas and asking questions of the others in the group. You have a money back guarantee and the spots are filling up fast.  Click this link: http://internetbusinessmastery.com/academy/wp/affiliate-redirect?p=vanordenr&w=3pil”.

I guess it was pretty bold.  Every word of the invite is true.  Not every one of my son’s Internet Business Academy students makes that kind of money but they do have a few wiz-kids that have taken off into cyberspace wealth. 

My own goal in helping some of my friends/followers is to assist them in establishing an online business that makes $2000-$5000 per month as a supplement to their family income or as an enhancement to their monthly retirement money. Since I have been through several internet business courses I know how they work and what frustrations crop up, especially for the non-techy 40+ crowd. 

Here’s what I am doing for my group of 10.  1) Consultations by email, messaging, texting, Skype, Webinars or good old-fashioned phone calls.  2) Providing an exclusive Facebook Page for the group to share successes and struggles.  3) Repeat the course along with the group so I can send insights as I expand my cyber business ability. 

None of my group of 10 pays me directly for my assistance.  I am an affiliate of IBM, so I get a commission from them when one of my followers signs up for and pays for the Academy. I vouch for the legitimacy of the IBM Academy program and know how it can help an online business person grow their traffic/hits and therefore their income.

I have decided to leave the invitation to join our group open until the end of May even though it will probably expand beyond the original goal of ten participants. In June we will start moving through the Academy program at a similar pace so we can help each other as we go.  You can take a look and learn more by clicking on the link in paragraph #4 of this post. By clicking you don’t sign up yet, but are simply taking a look at what IBM offers.  Here is what one of their members said about the course: 

Jeremy and Jason's Internet Business Mastery Coaching Course has shown me how to create and run an Internet business from start to finish! From the opening module where we learn about the proper mindset for Internet success to the two modules on generating traffic for my websites, the course is literally STUFFED with applicable, completely doable actions. I structured my business using the exact directions they provided, and I now get traffic from social networking sites each time I create a new article. Thanks to Jeremy and Jason!”

I hope you will decide to join us.
Ralph VanOrden, Retirement Freedom Blog at http://saferetirementfreedom.blogspot.com/