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Friday, April 8, 2011

Home Business---Supplemental Income has Never Been so Available

Instead of two parents gone from home to make-ends-meet, a home business could keep one parent home with the children.  Supplemental Income has never been so available----the first step to internet business success is finding a niche that fits your interests or skills. Here are a few that caught my interest as I browsed and brainstormed recently.  People make money at all of these. Start up costs are minimal.  The list could go on forever.   
Golf exercises to maximize your game. 
Model train landscaping secrets.
How to grow bigger and better apples. 
Making money with genealogy.
Becoming a master on the putting green.  
Writing and selling your own books or poetry.  
Better Home Schooling Curriculum. 
How to get your child into the best University. 
How to get your child the best scholarships. 
Maximizing your stock profits. 
Paying less tax legally. 
Homemade Greeting Cards made easy. 
Buying the best Alaskan Native Art. 
How to attract more traffic to your internet sites. 
Cut your grocery bill by 50%. 
Quilting like the professionals. 
How to create your own landscape paintings. 
Blogging for profit. 
Writing children’s books. 
How to become the best home chef. 
How to ace the Graduate Records Exam. 
How to read 1000+ words a minute. 
There are two sets of internet businesses:
1) those that sell products for someone else and
2) those that create their own product, business, and/or brand. 

The first group handles product and generally make money according to the hours put in.  Whoever makes the product is making the money.  Most of these companies are bottom-heavy with "distributors" who "own" their business but do not create their own product.  On estimate, about 1 in 1,000 make good money in these business models. 
The second group creates their own product and controls their business and ultimately make much more money. The sucess ratio in this group is 50 times better than the other.  They find their niche and become experts in that endeavor by researching the field. They have confidence they can do it better than others. 

They grow their “brand” over time and enjoy exponential growth in profits.  They learn how to access a worldwide audience through internet marketing.  They enjoy the creative entrepreneurial spirit from inception through the continual growth cycles. 

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