Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recovery Room----Ready to Go Home

Surgery started yesterday (September 8, 2013) at 3:45PM and this is me at 6PM in the recovery room ready to go home.  As I write this post  I am at 20 hours since my bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery.  I woke up every two hours last night but was able to get a total of 12 hours of sleep. 

My wrists really hurt when pain medication starts to ware off after being on board for about 6 hours.  On the upside, my whole arm no longer feels like it is on fire with the nerve pain I was suffering due to an inflamed median nerve which runs through a tight little tunnel under a tendon in the wrist all the way up the arm and into the neck connecting at the C6 vertebrae.  

For the past five years there were times I would wake in the night with pain up into my shoulders.  My fingers are no longer numb after years of progressive loss of feeling.  Recovery and rehab are going to take longer than I thought so I may not golf until spring 2014...bummer.  But I am so happy to have this done and the end of hand and arm pain in sight.  

My doctor is George Nicola who practices in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Nampa, Caldwell) Idaho area.  He's done over a 1000 of these surgeries and I am so please we found such a competent and experience orthopedist.   

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  1. Woo Hoo again. I was unaware that the unfeeling and pain had progressed that much. Here is to a healthy, happy, swift recovery so you can learn to enjoy living in less pain. Chronic pain can really be a damper on the spirit and soul so this is likely to be a nice load off the proverbial mood shoulders.


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