Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Making Dreams Come True

My blogs and podcasts are exploding with traffic/hits.  Once you get to a critical mass in cyberspace, there’s no turning back.  If you’re bashful you got to get over it and accept the fact that you have friends that you have never really met other than on the internet.  It actually can be disconcerting till you realize you are providing a service that is helping others. 

I blog about becoming an online entrepreneur as well as my journey regaining as much health as I can at 60 years old by losing weight and listening to my doctors.  My biggest dream is that I can help someone believe in their dreams with enough motivation to make them come true.  I watch my followers start blogs and websites and quickly surpass my online presence by building their own group of followers and making more money than me.

My focus has been on teaching internet skills and supplementing our retirement income so we can have adventures together before our health prevents traveling. 

Our oldest son Jason just got back from a convention in Chicago where he was one of the featured speakers about making dreams come true through internet commerce.  He speaks at these events regularly and this time he got a standing ovation from the audience.  People love being inspired to dream big and believe in themselves.

I have invested $1000’s in my computer and online skills courses.  It has reaped marvelous benefit to us.  Believing in your own creativity becomes an avalanche of opportunity.  My blogs have grown into podcasts on ITunes, and video productions on YouTube.  Even though my brain is a bit slower than it used to be the new “senior-citizen” dreams still percolate into reality.  If I can do this anyone can. 

The most helpful online business course I have found is by far my own son’s top rated Internet Business Mastery at http://internetbusinessmastery.com/academy/wp/affiliate-redirect?p=vanordenr&w=academy.   He has been ranked #1 in Google for podcasting consultant since 2005.  His book on Podcasting is used for college courses.  You really owe it to yourself to check it out.  I challenge all my readers to dream big and do something today to make it happen.                     


  1. This article has inspired me to be a better writer. I hope you continue to write on this topic and add even more original points. Thank you! Tips To be successful internet marketer

    1. Thanks Wayne. My efforts at writing and creativity grow together at about the same pace it seems...the more I do it the easier it gets. Best of luck in your endeavors.


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