Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Safely Grow Net-Worth Now and for the Future

I’ve been distracted with too many “retirement” activities so my writing and online brand-building has suffered. I used to have seven months of Alaskan winter to write and develop my online presence. As many of you know, the two major emphases of my research for the past several years have been health and enhancing retirement income.

 Today I checked my online stats and was surprised to see that even with my absence from blogging and website development “hits” continue to increase. My son tells me that as your online activities grow you eventually come to a fulcrum point and the teeter-tauter tips and it takes on a life of its own. It appears that has happened, so now I need to honor my audience by providing new content that is accurate and useful.

 Most of our income-streams are established now that we are "retired". We are holding off on taking our Social Security since it is substantially higher if we wait for six years until our federally mandated full retirement age of 66, or we may even wait till we are 70 to maximize the benefit.

 Our investments are working aggressively with the help of our financial adviser. Our net-worth continues to grow with the catalyst being good investments and the growth of my own “business” through internet marketing and advertising income.

 All of our products are of our own making whether they are tangible or intellectual property.  People have expertise they can turn into useable products which can be marketed online.  

 Jeannie enjoys photography and uses her prints to make beautiful hand-made greeting cards. She has used them as gifts but now we are thinking about a website to sell them.

You can use your hobbies by turning them into money makers. We may need to outsource some of the technical work and things like shipping so we are free to write, create and produce our podcasts.

 If you are interested in more detail about how we have developed multiple income streams by owning our own online business you can sign up for my exclusive email group by going to the box to the left of this post. I send links for my podcasts to this secure group to protect my copyrighted material.

This winter Jeannie and I are hoping to take three classes to help us with our farmstead production lifestyle; beekeeping, organic gardening in Treasure Valley Idaho and alternative energy sources for mountainside homes.  In addition we are looking into producing our own eggs by building a small chicken coop for three birds.

 The best thing I have done in many years for my body is too lose significant weight. I am going to finish my book on weight loss as I battle my way toward 199 lbs. I am still progressing toward getting my health back to the degree possible for a 60 year old man.

We are enjoying our productive lifestyle and freedom to travel, be with family, and golf when we choose. Thanks for following along.


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