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Monday, May 21, 2012

My Sweetheart Jeannie is Making Great Progress

Two weeks ago my wife Jeannie’s blood pressure dropped below 90/60 and her heart rate went up to 120.  We have a home blood pressure monitor so I was able to check her blood pressure and pulse regularly.  After caring for her for a full day at home without improvement we went to the emergency room on Monday morning May 7th.  She was diagnosed with sepsis and pneumonia and admitted to the hospital for what became an 8 day ordeal.  For a while they thought she had a staph infection but it turns out to have been strep, which was the first tender mercy since it is “easier” to cure. 

Her right lung capacity had been at 1/3 its normal when she was admitted and improved to close to 90% due to miraculous treatment to drain the infectious gunk through a chest tube.  It was no fun for Jeannie with lots of pain but as usual she was a real trooper and patiently waded through.  As I recollect she only broke down once and cried in frustration and due to pain.  I am so proud of her resolve to fight this.        

After long difficult days in the hospital, on Monday evening May 14th she was released from the hospital and has been home on continued antibiotic treatment to clear up the rest of the infection in her right lung.  Coming home was tender mercy #2.  We were so glad to avoid the long-term care recovery center the doctors thought they would send her to. I have been able to be her home nurse most of the time.   

I am grateful to be able to do this for her since last time she was in a serious health situation in 2007 I got sick and spent 10 days in the hospital with a ruptured appendix, and was not able to care for her during chemotherapy for stage 4 oral cancer.     

Today Jeannie goes to her infectious disease doctor for an evaluation to see if she is progressing well.  She has been improving steadily and yesterday went for a short walk outside holding onto my arm. 

Life is slowly getting back to normal around our home which is tender mercy #3.  It will be a long process to get Jeannie back to “full” health but we have made it through the most difficult weeks. 

She appreciates all the thoughts and prayers offered for her.  With being this sick it “takes a village” to get better and all the positive input has been motivational for her to rally again.  Thank you for your kindness and love.   

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