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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Retirement, Freedom, and Responsibility---not Mutually Exclusive

I just returned from a Doctors appointment with my primary care physician.  I have lost some weight, and all my tests look good so I am cleared to be a normal human for the next several months.  I was impressed with the idea that in reality it is not my doctor that makes me healthy, it actually is my responsibility. 

I have been going to the same primary care physician in Eagle River Alaska for the last 13 years.  I have also been using the services of the same chiropractic physician for all that time.  I used to go to doctors to have them tell me what to do, but one day woke up to the reality that they simply listen to my concerns and complaints and then suggest a course of treatment. 

I started to pay more attention to the medications they wanted me to take and studied the accompanying materials about potential side affects.  I researched my own ailments to become more adept at giving “input” to the doctor. 

I once laid on the floor of our bathroom for most of the night so sick I couldn't make it back to bed.  I thought I was having a heart attack, but in the morning my wife Jeannie googled my symptoms and determined I was having a gall stone attack. She took me to the emergency room and we told the doctor I was having a gall stone problem to which she responded, “Let me do the diagnosing”.  After confirming the gall problem, I was so sick they kept me in the hospital and pumped me full of an anti-biotic for a few days prior to removing my gall bladder. 

As I have accepted that I am no longer as young as I used to be, I’ve become more proactive and even aggressive in taking care of my health.  I no longer feel guilty for taking time to “work out”.  I protect my “energy” level to make sure I have the inclination to walk, hike, or do some other kind of aerobics almost daily (I take Sunday off).  I even walk when I golf so I get a 4-6 mile hike in while I frustrate myself trying to improve my golf game. 

I use a holistic approach to staying healthy.  Stretching daily to get my tendons and bones working has become one of the most important things I do every morning. I try to get to my chiropractor regularly for a tune up.  Deep tissue massage helps my arthritic body.  Jeannie uses a daily yoga routine for stretching.  We use a combination of medications and supplements to keep our bodies happy and useful.  Suppleness seems to be the elixir of life for my aging body.  My mind is more alert and creative when I have taken time to exercise early in the day.  

So I encourage everyone to be more in tune with their body.  My website has a link to a holistic approach to health from a doctor who is a modern-approach chiropractor. I know him personally and he is a very smart guy.  He is quickly becoming one of the frontrunner health practitioners in the country. He has a great weight loss and wellness program. He has learned how to use the internet and other modern  social media to help people.  His site is comprehensive and easy to navigate.  Here is the link. http://drbradycoach.com/  It will be worth your time.  

“Take good care of yourself so you can by happy and serve others” is one of my mantras. Join our email group by going to the link below.  Free exclusive bonus material goes out regularly to our growing email group. 

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