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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Four-legged Retirement Plan, Becomes Five

A response to my Four-legged Retirement Plan, a genuine concern from a friend named Greg on Facebook. 
"All four of these legs seem to sit squarely on the presumed security of the dollar, or some form of currency. Are you sure this is wise? If the dollar fails, and with it likely all other nation-based currencies, there goes your pension, your SS, your savings, and your internet biz."
So now my response to the comment---

Social Security could disappear, but I doubt it, especially for those already 55 years and older.  Youngsters will probably end up with an adjusted benefit as we struggle to reduce deficits and balance the national budget.  In order to protect our “dollar” investments or the other three legs of the retirement formula, we plan to own our retirement home without a mortgage.  We also plan to have an aggressive food-storage and production life-style.  Thus, we are looking for a property with at least an acre or two, perhaps more. 
Another “security” we will have is a self-directed Internet Business that would continue to produce dividends/income whether the dollar survives or not.  If all else fails, the barter system will always bring a flow of goods and services.  I should call my formula a five-legged plan, adding what I refer to as Provident Living or Production Life-style.      

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