Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Online World of Communications---Don't be left Behind

My personality has a component of being duty bound.  I was raised in the home of a career military officer who took duty to God and Country very seriously. Therefore, I tend to take on new projects with gusto.  As I conclude my 34 year career as an educator I have been researching all aspects of retirement. 
Since another part of my personality loves the proverbial half-full glass approach to living, I usually see positive in situations, especially in life altering events, such as retirement.  As I listen to comments from friends, I sense concern for their future. 
A third component of my personality is my love of educational process.  It is a creative process for me, and creativity is akin to spiritual functions in my life.  It is invigorating and uplifting.  I have been creating an online community to share what I am learning with friends, students, and colleagues.  I have over 2500 friends on Facebook, and in just the past couple of weeks I have had over 1000 views of my Safe Retirement Freedom Blog.  
In addition to many friends who are closing in on retirement, I am sharing what I am learning with my younger friends, many of whom are former students and just starting careers.  Often I think, ‘I sure wish I had known this when I was young, I could be so much better prepared now.’
The online world has brought us into a whole new era of communication.  It has been changing the way the world goes round.  Social media was the key element in the overthrow of a dictator in Egypt.  Every month more people are shopping online.  Many businesses struggle if they do not have on online outlet. 
A major component of my Internet world is the commenting and interaction I am enjoying with friends.  Much of my research is driven by questions and comments.  When permission is given, I will share success stories submitted by followers and friends on my website and Blog.  I hope you will share, as you apply creative pro-activity in your life. 
This is Part #2---BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN CAPABILITIESDream great dreams and explore new territory.     

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