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Monday, June 23, 2014

My Internet Brand just keeps on Growing, though I have been absent for 4 months---Here's the gory detail---Read on...

We retired two years ago and moved from our beloved Alaska to be closer to some of our grandkids in Idaho.  Oh how we miss our Alaskan adventures and friends, but not the winters mind you.  I spent 20 years of my career as an educational administrator wandering all over Alaska.  I've been privileged to go to all of the cities of Alaska, most of her towns, as well as many of her villages.  I absolutely loved the people I met, many of whom will always be cherished friends.

We drove our motorhome and one of the largest rentable U-Haul trucks down the Alaskan Highway in August 2012 which likely will be the last Alcan sojourn for us.  My arms and hands we in such great agony trying to steer that  U-haul on rough roads.  We already knew I had  carpel tunnel  nerve problems in both wrists and thought that was causing my pain.  It turns out there were other nerve problems beginning to rear their ugly heads.

What I have  is a severe case of  Neuropathy in my arms and legs.  Nerve pain is horrendous and extremely debilitating.   Some days I spent most of the day in bed, trying to find a position that lowers some of the pain.  I have never been so sick in my entire life.   

This past few years have been a cacophony of doctors voices trying to help alleviate my pain.  Some of the medication I've used has done collateral damage to my esophagus and to my intestines.   I have been on some of the narcotics for so long I now have a "Pain Management" doctor  who specializes in cases like mine.  

At some point he will help me wean from Methadone and Hydrocodone,  the "controlled substances" I've been relying on to keep my pain level low enough so I can get out of bed and take care of most of my own health and life needs.  I even go with Jeannie to ride in the golf cart and provide some coaching tips.  She is becoming a pretty good golfer.               

The past four months have been dominated by these health problems.  But I have been making some progress since my last surgery to repair the Ulnar nerve in my right palm. The best hand surgeon in Boise did my surgery.    

So today I finally opened my blog on my desk top computer and was overwhelmed when I discovered daily hits at a pace never previously attained.  And this without any attention from me.  That's the magic of Entrepreneurial Internet Marketing of your own brand.  When it takes on a life of its own then the pivotal point has arrived.   Turning it into a lucrative enterprise is upon me. I am not 100% but well enough to work at my online  enterprises.  Stay tuned in for a more regular reporting of my online progress toward an extra $2000 income every  month.   

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