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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Staying Healthy Along the Way

Getting old is complicated.  My dual carpal tunnel surgery was successful but has unmasked another problem in my right arm.  The numbness and pain from the Median nerve has dissipated but the little and ring fingers on my right hand are numb and pain goes up through my arm on the opposite side from the Median nerve; the left side when my arm is turned palm up.  So now I know I have an Ulnar nerve problem which was masked due to the pain from the Median nerve running through the carpal tunnel in my wrist. 

I was diagnosed during my visit to the doctor to removed stitches from my wrist incisions.  I said “you got to be kiddin me” and then “can it be fixed”.  His response, “yes but let’s wait a few months and see how your arm heals for now”.   When at home I googled Ulnar nerve surgery and was shocked by the photos and diagrams.  Six inch incision next to the elbow…yikes.  I won’t post a picture here since I don’t want to gross anyone out.

So here’s my point.  Take care of your arms while you can and they may last until you don’t need them anymore.   I was a drummer for 6 years during my youth, I pole vaulted in high school, played most sports to abandon, lifted weights until last year when I went through successful physical therapy for my back (“no more weights that put any pressure on your lower back”, I’ve done the mechanical work on my cars, I golf to excess, and use remotes/computers/mice with gusto.  I don’t just touch keyboards lightly; I pound on them as though they were drums. 

The only activity I would change is working on my cars.  Perhaps I could have learned to touch keyboards, remotes, and the mouse gently.  There are exercises and stretches you can do along the way to help your arms and hands stay healthy longer. Sure wish I had known that.  Here are a few links to help prolong the usefulness of your arms and hands.  Take good care of yourself.   




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