Saturday, March 12, 2011

Four Simple Rules Will Help You Get to Retirement Sooner

The time to start preparing for retirement is when you are still young.  Don't wait until you complete your educational training, don't wait until you pay off your educational loans, don't wait until your start your family. Do it today. Four simple rules will help you get to retirement sooner.  You will have security for the “long” future of freedom ahead. 
Here  are the four keys:
1)      Start saving as much as you can right now. 
2)      Simplify your lifestyle to accommodate aggressive savings.
3)      Believe in your own capabilities.
4)      Discover your inherent strengths and put them to work for you right now. 
I am going to blog on each of these 4 keys in seperate posts in the near future.

Now, a success story: 

My son Jason “retired” at the ripe young age of 28.  He hasn’t worked a day away from home since. He is now 34 years old and lives well.  He discovered the key to controlling his destiny by having the nerve to invest in his own capabilities. 
Jason found what brought him the most satisfaction by using his inherent strengths to build his own world.  Currently he is traveling in Europe enjoying meeting with “clients”, a great tax break due to the working vacation idea, and visiting places he has always wanted to explore. 

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