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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Home in the Country Outside of Boise Idaho---Moving Forward

We’ve found our Shangri-La.  The home we have under contract in the country outside of Boise Idaho will provide everything we have been looking for.  On the hill overlooking a beautiful river valley filled with orchards and farms.  After Alaska we had to have a beautiful view to help us with homesickness.  We will have three acres to develop into our production lifestyle with a large garden while growing our own fruit trees. 

The home is large enough to accommodate family gatherings.  We are paying about 50% of what it would cost us to get this home in Alaska.  Our property tax is dropping to 60% of our current situation. We will be within a 30 minute drive of grandchildren, and of course their parents too.  Recreation abounds in the mountains north of our home. We will be able to drive a few hours to help my mother in Salt Lake City.     

So the next big step in our journey to retirement freedom is starting to take shape.  The first step was getting back good health.  Now we have a new home and improved weather to enjoy.  If you want to join me in this grand journey you can follow along at my http://saferetirementfreedom.blogspot.com/. 
If you want the details from what we are learning from the process you can join my secure email group by signing up in the box next to my blog posts.  To help protect my copyrighted material, I only share many of the details with my email group. It would be super to have you  join us.   

Here’s a picture of the new Jeannie & Ralph VanOrden Homestead


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  1. That's it. I'm coming to visit when we go on road trips to Utah. :)


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